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  • Meditating on the Promises

    When we say “meditating” we don’t mean meditating in the sense of Eastern mysticism where meditation is an emptying of the mind in order to escape from the world. Biblical meditation is just the opposite. Biblical meditation is saturating the mind with God’s word, thinking and praying deeply about it, and allowing it to settle within us in order that we can live a Spirit-filled life IN the world.

  • Focused Topics

    Each Reformation Journal focuses on a particular topic divided into many sections. Each section contains an introduction, some personal questions, a list of scriptures on that particular topic, worksheets to lead you step by step through the process of meditating on those Scriptures, and finally some questions suitable for use in small groups.

  • Pressing You to Write

    Reformation Journals require a pen or pencil to make any use of them. That’s the point. We want you to stare at God’s Word and pray and write.


Reformation Journals explore crucial topics in the Christian life and focus your attention on the Scriptures by pressing you to read, write, meditate, apply, and pray God’s Word.


Right now we have 2 of our future 7 journals available.

We Fight and Follow Journals

Reformation Journals: We Fight Open

Coil binding so you can write on a flat surface


Prompting questions to help you meditate


We choose scriptures for you so you don’t have to decide what is helpful


A layout reminiscent of the Cornell Note Taking Method – work out the Scripture and then meditate on its implications

Do you desire deep, satisfying, times with God and a Biblical method for transformation?  Reformation Journals fill the bill.

What do we believe?  We hold to the truths found in the Westminster Confession of Faith, however not all of us are paedobaptists.  Savvy?