Reformation Journals explore crucial topics in the Christian life and focus your attention on the Scriptures by pressing you to read, write, meditate, apply and pray God’s Word.

  • Pick a Topic

    Each Reformation Journal focuses on a particular topic divided into many sections.

  • Personal Questions

    These pre-questions will get you thinking, and will lead you to do some self-examination before you begin.

    Personal Questions

  • Introduction

    Define the topic, hear a brief summary on what Scripture has to say, and set goals for your meditation on this topic.

  • Scripture

    Go to the Scriptures for the topic you are working on and get out your Bible.

    Read through all of the Scriptures that are provided for that topic.


  • Pray

    that God will give you insight into His Word, and that the Holy Spirit will speak to you about the truth you are meditating upon.

  • Observation

    Write down your first observations about this Scripture and what it means in your own words.


  • Meditation

    Examine, confess, believe, apply, speak, pray & take it with you.

  • Repeat

    Keep Observing and Meditating

    We have 9-13 Scriptures and corresponding worksheets in each topic.


  • Personal Questions

    After you have gone through the Scriptures and worksheets there is another set of personal questions to help you reflect on what God is teaching you.

  • Option: Discuss

    Small Group Questions

    Reformation Journals can be used individually, or in a group setting. Use our Small Group Questions to enhance your experience of debriefing together your time in Scripture.

    Option: Discuss